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Are Lab Created Diamonds Good?

I don’t want to belittle man made, artisan created or lab created diamonds (LCDs). What I would like to offer is a quick overview of these diamonds. First, LCDs are the same as natural diamonds in chemical composition. Do they look the same? Sort of! When I say that I mean if I happen to...

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Anniversary 2020

As many of my clients have come to know, every year in late November, I celebrate my business anniversary.  When I started out in 1980, it was a peculiar start.  I did not have four walls and had trouble with a fire marshal.  I opened for less than half a day on the 22nd of...

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Hand Sanitizers and My Jewellery

With the Covid-19 crisis, everyone is reminded over and over to wash their hands often and many of us also use hand sanitizers.  Do these hurt our jewellery?  Hand sanitizers are typically one of two variations:  alcohol-based and non-alcohol based.  The alcohol version evaporates quickly and while it leaves behind a slight film, it won’t...

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My Bezel Be Gone

Somethings we see in the store are a surprise. Take a look at this ring that came in last week. The ring is only a few weeks old and the diamond is on the verge of falling out. The owner came in and said she felt her ring was catching where the diamond is. When...

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