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Can I Use An Opal in My Engagement Ring?

Short answer is yes…but!  You can if you understand that opals while incredibly beautiful are a softer gemstone that are more prone to breaking and scratching.  If you are a person that is very diligent and careful, you can wear an opal in your engagement ring.  Truthfully, it is more likely you are not that...

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Russian Diamond Embargo

I am very fortunate. I live in a great city; have all the comforts I want and have been in a great industry for just over 40 years. Lately, people that come into my store tell me how crazy the world has become. In a world where any and every subject creates a polarity of...

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Are Lab Created Diamonds Good?

I don’t want to belittle man made, artisan created or lab created diamonds (LCDs). What I would like to offer is a quick overview of these diamonds. First, LCDs are the same as natural diamonds in chemical composition. Do they look the same? Sort of! When I say that I mean if I happen to...

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Anniversary 2020

As many of my clients have come to know, every year in late November, I celebrate my business anniversary.  When I started out in 1980, it was a peculiar start.  I did not have four walls and had trouble with a fire marshal.  I opened for less than half a day on the 22nd of...

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