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Unique Jewellery Designs Calgary

Just a week ago, I was having coffee with an artist. She paints in oil and her work is very good. At least I liked her style of art. While we were talking she asked me about my creative process. To my surprise she asked if after 38 years I make the same designs over...

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Can You Tell The Difference

As our store specializes in bridal jewellery, being asked for a wedding band is a frequent request. We carry a huge selection of styles: with gemstones or diamonds, different colors of gold or many of the alternative metal designs such as titanium and stainless steel, to name just a few. Will all of the rings...

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Can I Break My Diamond?

We have all heard how diamond is the hardest substance known to man. That is true, though Marvel Comics and Wolverine may want us to believe otherwise. So how can the hardest substance break? The issue is that most people confuse hardness with durability. Hardness measured using the Mohs scale is a test that shows...

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My white gold ring is turning yellow!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that a white ring has turned yellow or is tarnishing. Simple answer is that white gold will not turn yellow or tarnish to a yellow color under normal wear. In the market today, virtually every white gold jewellery item is rhodium plated or is an...

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