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As our store specializes in bridal jewellery, being asked for a wedding band is a frequent request.

We carry a huge selection of styles: with coloured gemstones or diamonds, different colors of gold or many of the alternative metal designs such as titanium and stainless steel, to name just a few.

Will all of the rings we have, often it isn’t enough. So we will custom make an individual style which is one of our strong points. We have made rings that look like a snare drum, skis through the first powder on a mountain and even a fender guitar. It is hugely satisfying to show a client their newly designed band for the first time. Watching the smile on their face and knowing that the ring will be worn for decades is a real pleasure.

However, there are a lot of people that just want a simple clean plain wedding band. As they look, price will always be in the discussion as it should. The typical bands we show for a guy cost in the $800 to $1200 range for a gold ring.

Now how do we explain a difference when a client says they saw a ring at the mall for $400 to $500? And it is identical!

Below is a ring that is newly purchased from a mall store. We show it compared to one of our wedding rings. Our ring is on the right in both pictures.

From the top the rings look very close to each other. However from the side view, the mall ring is very thin. Based on the weight of the ring alone, our ring is six times heavier. The mall ring will never last or hold up for long term. It will bend and deform very easily. Also the edge of this ring is very sharp and cuts in to the finger. If this mall purchased ring were to crack or break the chances of repairing it are not very good. And in fact, even engraving the ring on the inside with a message is a problem as the engraving has to be light or it will go through and dent the outside of the ring.

So from a “is it worth it” point of view, which is worth the expense? The ring that might not last a few years or one that will last decades?

And if you were to do a price comparison, if we had a ring like the mall store for sale the regular retail price would be $240. So why are our rings more expensive? Because they are heavier and better built.

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