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Let us know if you have a question and we will add it to our list or write an in-depth blog.

My ring is a bit tight. Can you stretch it larger?

It is rare we stretch a ring. Some rings can be stretched a small amount, but at Troy Shoppe Jewellers, we cut the ring, add a piece of comparable metal to the ring, solder, and polish. This is the best way to size a ring and creates the least problems.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium is a metal in the platinum family of metals. It is extremely white. It is used over gold to create a whiter, cleaner, and brighter finish on jewellery. At Troy Shoppe Jewellers we prefer not to plate rhodium over yellow gold but, over white gold the results are amazing.

What is your warranty policy?

We have always offered a warranty on our product for two years against manufacturing issues and/or defects. While we have always tried to have a lenient policy, this is meant to cover issues from normal wear and tear. If a ring was caught in a garburator, that would not be normal wear and tear.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day return for store credit only, on any item out of the showcase, unworn and unaltered (e.g., Sizing). Special orders or custom-made items are not returnable. If the item is to be gifted or presented later than 30 days, the return date can be extended with prior arrangements.

My diamond broke, how is that possible?

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. However, hardness is not a measure of durability. Diamonds have a grain like wood and are brittle. Hit them just right and they can chip, crack or shatter with the grain or because of a very hard knock. Typically, a diamond will never be an issue to wear every day.

I bought my ring online; do you offer a warranty I can purchase for it?

Sorry, I do not. Some stores do but I am always dubious about the offer. Best bet is to buy extra insurance on your jewellery and cover it yourself. An excellent company that offers insurance is Jewellers Mutual.

What does it mean when you talk about karats and carats?

Karats is a measure of the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24K. To find the purity of the gold, divide the karat by 24 and you get the per centage of gold. An example is: 14K÷24K=0.583, or 58.3% of a 14K item is gold. For carats, this is a weight, five carats is equal to one gram.

I had a jeweller work on the ring I purchased from another store. Now the store I purchased the ring from says the warrantee is void. Is that normal?

For sure. While some jewellers have excellent skills, it is impossible to tell what they may have done during a repair. If the work performed compromises the integrity of the jewellery, then the problem should fall back to the person that performed the work.

How frequently should I have my rings inspected/cleaned?

We suggest at least twice a year, or every 6 months. If you purchased your ring with us, inspections, cleaning/polish services will always be free, and you can walk-in anytime. If your ring is not from us, we can still clean and inspect it for you for a small fee.

Do you offer ring sizing?

Yes! We can size down or up, all colors of gold, platinum, silver. (For estimate, please contact us or visit our store) If the ring was purchased from us, within 60 days (unless prior arrangements are made in advance) and the ring cost was $500 or more, there is no cost to size the ring.

Can I provide you with my own diamond/colored gemstone to set in one of your rings?

Yes! Please bring your gemstone for us to inspect. If it is in good condition, we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect ring for it! Some gemstones have more risk to set into a ring. Although we take great care, should the diamond/gemstone chip or break, it would be at your risk.

Do you work with lab grown diamonds and moissanites?

Yes! We work with a wide variety of gemstones. Please, contact us or visit our store to view and get an estimate.

I liked an item in your store, but I want it in another color of gold or change to platinum, is that possible?

Usually yes! Most of our items are available in white, yellow, or rose gold and platinum. Let us know which item you are interested in, and we will check for you!

Can I pick any shape/size of diamond or change to another gemstone for any ring?

Usually yes! If we can’t set the jewellery item in the store right away, we will check if we can order or remake, the ring with the right dimensions to fit the gemstone you prefer.

What is an appraisal?

A jewellery appraisal is a process through which a certified professional will examine a piece of jewellery to ascertain its monetary value. Appraisals provide the necessary proof of its value and features, usually for insurance purposes. We offer free appraisals for any jewellery above $1500 purchased at our store within 2 months.

I have old jewellery/diamonds that I would like to either sell or use for another item, do you offer this service?

Yes! If you are looking to sell your old jewellery, leave as a “credit” to use in store or use to redesign/create a new piece, please contact us and we will assist you to find the best option.

How long does it take for a repair to be ready?

We have goldsmiths on-site. Depending on the repair, usually 5 to 10 business days. Some items can be rushed. If it is an engagement ring purchased from us, we try to do it for next day.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All credit cards, cash, and e-transfer. Please note that we follow all FINTRAC and Anti-Money Laundering programs and laws.

Financing is available through Flexiti Financial. Apply for a “flexiticard” and after selecting the best plan for you, once approved, they will pay the full amount of your jewellery, and you pay them according to the plan you were approved.

Does custom jewellery cost more?

Not necessarily, please contact us to talk about your idea and we can help you to not only understand the details of what you would be paying for, but also compare prices and provide you with options.

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