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As many of my clients have come to know, every year in late November, I celebrate my business anniversary.  When I started out in 1980, it was a peculiar start.  I did not have four walls and had trouble with a fire marshal.  I opened for less than half a day on the 22nd of November then got shut down.  I reopened on November 27th for the whole day and was officially ‘open’.

Since then I have tried to celebrate that event every November.  Fast forward and this year marked the 40th year in business.  Am I amazed?  Absolutely! With all the events over the years, many things could have shut me down.  There were some very lean years.  Now 40 years later and 2020 has been a ‘touch’ different than previous years.

I have always celebrated a customer appreciation day or two in November and set up tables with food and drinks.  This year that could not happen due to the covid-19 virus.  Typically, I spend anywhere from $500 to $700 on food for a few nights.  This year, because that didn’t happen, I guess I saved some money.

The problem is that it isn’t about saving money when I have to comply with covid restrictions for my anniversary party. It makes me sad that I could not offer something to nibble on when people came to the store.  I think I get that from my Father.  He always made sure anyone visiting his home was fed something, whether they were hungry or not.  And my sons will say I am the same, and that I get mad if someone visits my home and isn’t offered a drink or nibble almost before they have taken their coats off.

So…what to do with the cash I saved. I thought the best use of that extra cash was to put it to something worthy and necessary.  After some thought, actually not much, I decided to donate that money to the Calgary Food Bank.  I am going to make out and deliver a cheque for $1000 to them.  There are a lot of people in real need right now and I know every little bit helps.

I wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy holiday season.


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