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When a jewellery repair comes into our store, we treat each item with care and respect. We know the items you bring us have great significance and value to you. Repairs are an integral part of the service Troy Shoppe Jewellers has provided since opening in 1980. We offer the jewellery repairs Calgary trusts. 

Top-quality Jewellery Repairs

We work to provide excellent quality in our repairs. For example, when a ring comes in to be sized up, we do not hammer or (actually when sizing the ring is hammered) stretch the ring. We add gold to enlarge the ring. After every repair, the item is polished and cleaned to look like new. Our customers tell us over and over, their item looks new when they get the item back after a repair from Troy Shoppe Jewellers. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Just look at our Google reviews!

Our onsite goldsmith means we don’t have to send your item away to repair it. It goes downstairs where it is given the care and attention it needs by our trusted goldsmith of over 30 years. With onsite jewellery repair, our turnaround time is very quick, most repairs can be completed in under two weeks.

Troy Shoppe Jewellers is committed to full disclosure and transparency. We provide the exact price you pay when we give an estimate for work. So, our estimates are not really “estimates” at all. The only surprise you’ll have at pickup, is how brand new it looks!

Basic Repair Pricing

Ring Sizing 
Silver$90 and up by estimate
White Gold$180 and up by estimate
Yellow or Rose Gold$90 and up by estimate
Two Tone$140 and up by estimate
Platinum$160 and up by estimate
Ring Sizing Beads 
Yellow or Rose Gold$150
White Gold$250
Rhodium Plating$95 per item
Chain Solder$45
Watch BatteryStarting at $20
Locking Back Earring Post 
14K Gold$250
18K Gold$295
Cliq Arthritic Ring HingeStarting at $800
Solder Two Rings Together 
Yellow or Rose Gold$120
White Gold$190
Platinumby estimate
Solder Three Rings Together 
Yellow or Rose Gold$200
White Gold$280
Platinumby estimate
Unsolder Two Rings Together 
Yellow or Rose Gold$110
White Gold$190
Unsolder Three Rings Together 
Yellow or Rose Gold$200
White Gold$250

Other repairs done by estimate: pearl restringing, removing gemstones from setting, setting customer’s gemstones, tightening a loose gemstone, polishing gemstones, and many watch repairs.

Call today or visit Tory Shoppe Jewellers to learn more about the jewellery repairs Calgary loves! 

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