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Purchasing Old Gold and Diamonds

Over the years, most clients accumulate broken chains and odd earrings, even old engagement rings. What can you do with them? The gold is worth something, isn’t it?  Absolutely it is and we will purchase old gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. When you bring it in, we sort it into the various karats and offer a price. If there are diamonds in the jewellery then we will offer a value on them as well. The offer is done free of charge and there is no obligation to sell us your items. We do want to emphasize that even if the item is new or never worn, we do not resell them in the store.  The items are broken down and refined into pure gold to be reused. The other important point when selling gold is that any labor that went into creating the item or any sentimental value is not taken into consideration as we are buying the materials only.