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Selling Old Jewellery

Looking for a good place in Calgary to sell your old, outdated, or unwanted silver, gold or platinum jewellery? Troy Shoppe Jewellers has you covered with plenty of options! Want to sell your jewellery for money outright? We can do that! Want to use parts of the jewellery and get store credit for the rest? We can do that too! Want to redesign an old piece? You guessed it, we can also do that.

When you bring jewellery to us to sell, we sort the jewellery into the different karat weights and examine the quality of any gemstones for value. We will then make you a competitive no obligation offer. This is all done free of charge!

What happens to jewellery once we buy it?

All jewellery that we purchase from customers is disassembled into its parts. We do not resell any previously owned jewellery, no matter how good the condition is. The gold is sent away to be refined back into its pure metal content, which we reuse. Most gemstones require us to repolish them if there is enough value to do so.  In the vast majority of diamonds, recutting and repolishing is needed to meet stringent standards of the type of diamond cut we use in the store today.    

It is important to understand that any labour that went into creating the item, or any sentimentality the item may have does not increase the value of the materials.