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Cleaning/Polishing/Rhodium Plating

Has your jewellery lost its sparkle? Troy Shoppe Jewellers in Calgary, AB offers a full range of cleaning, polishing, and rhodium plating services. We will clean and polish your rings while you wait. We include free cleaning and polishing on all items that were purchased from Troy Shoppe Jewellers. You’re welcome to come as often as you would like to have your items cleaned and polished. There is a $15 charge to clean any items that were not purchased from Troy Shoppe Jewellers. We also accept donations on behalf of the Calgary Food Bank.

How Does the Polishing Work?

Our experts have been trained in the best polishing techniques. We use a gentle polishing compound and a buffing machine to make your rings shine like new. We then place your item in our ultrasonic cleaner which will remove and traces of the polishing compound from your ring. Hand sanitizer and moisturizers are also prone to coating rings and leaving them looking dull. Our ultrasonic will also remove these from your items. This process takes approximately 5 minutes and can be done while you wait.

Rhodium Plating

Have you noticed your white gold jewellery gradually losing its bright white appearance? This happens because most white gold jewellery is finished with a process called rhodium plating. It is normal for this plating to wear off over time. All gold is yellow when it is mined from the earth. It is then alloyed with various metals to create white gold. Due to various amounts of alloy, the whiteness of white gold can vary greatly. As a result, it is then rhodium plated to give it a crisp, bright white appearance. The experts at Troy Shoppe Jewellers have found that polishing will often make your white gold rings look white again. However, if polishing doesn’t work, you can leave your ring to be rhodium plated. We’ll have your jewellery looking just like new!

Cutting off Rings

We can cut off gold, silver and platinum rings. The owner of Troy Shoppe Jewellers has many years of experience in cutting off rings. After you have had your ring cut off, we recommend that you wait 4 to 6 weeks for the swelling of your finger to go down before coming back to have your ring repaired and sized. The cost to cut off a ring is $30 per ring. Call today to schedule an appointment to have your ring cut off!