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Cleaning/Polishing/Rhodium Plating

We can make your jewellery sparkle like new! Let us clean and polish your ring on the spot. All staff are trained on proper polishing techniques.  We offer free cleaning and polishing for rings that were purchased from Troy Shoppe Jewellers.  If you have an item that was not purchased from Troy Shoppe Jewellers that you would like to be cleaned, the price to clean the item is $15 per item or a donation to the Calgary Food Bank. We use a gentle polishing compound, a sonic cleaner to take off any polishing compound, and then a jet of steam.  In most cases this process only takes a few minutes.  However, if you have a white gold ring and it seems to be duller or tarnishing, likely it needs to be replated with rhodium. This process is done in store.  Please allow up to a week for your piece to be polished and rhodium plated.  Costs start at $75 per ring and can vary according to the market price of rhodium. We can cut off gold, silver and platinum rings. The cost to cut off a ring is $30 per ring.