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Redesigning Jewellery/Custom Work

Anything and everything! Old wedding set? Inherited jewellery? To give you an idea of some of the items we have worked on:

  1. A son brought in a ring that belonged to his now passed on Father.  The ring was worn down and could not be safely worn.  We took it and built a new ring around it, and mounted it on top of the new ring. It should last another generation.
  2. Mom donated an old wedding set to her daughter and future son-in –law. They did not have a lot of money to spend with all their student loans to pay off. The donated set was an older style and worn out. We took all the small diamonds, added a few more and built a new modern design and matching band. Then we took a small piece of gold off the old set and carefully soldered it to the inside of the new ring so that some of Mom’s ring would always be touching her daughter’s hand. It is hard to give an average price on this type of work as every ring is different but many of them start at about $500 per ring and up.
  3. A ring that was purchased online came in cracked and diamonds were falling out.  The upset bride loved the design but the workmanship was very poor.  We duplicated the ring, using new gold and setting the diamonds properly.

Check out our custom work page on the website to see some of our unique designs and redesigns for ideas.

Redesigned and Repaired Jewellery