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Troy Shoppe Jewellers has been helping clients and insurance companies complete and replace items from lost or stolen insurance claims for decades. Insurance claims can be a stressful and confusing time following a theft or loss. We are here to help! We simplify this experience for you and help process your claims and replacements smoothly and efficiently.

Whether it is an item that was a family heirloom or a unique design that was made recently, we can replace or remake it. At Troy Shoppe Jewellers, we’re a small local family business. When you make an insurance claim, you’ll be working with the owner, manager, or both. With decades of experience in custom jewellery design, pricing, and working with insurance companies, they will surely help get that sentimental piece back where it belongs—with you!

We have a dedicated goldsmith on site with decades of experience in his craft. No item is impossible to replace! We can typically replace items in three to five weeks.

Make a claim in four easy steps:

Step 1: Contact Your Insurance Company 

Contact your insurance company to notify them of your loss. They will typically ask for a couple of estimates or suggest a preferred vendor. Preferred vendors don’t necessarily mean the best choice for you. When the time comes to replace your jewellery, you have the right to choose any jeweller you want. If you have questions regarding this step, call the Troy Shoppe Team first and we will walk you through the details.

Step 2: Come Visit Us

We walk you through the store to see many similar items in our large inventory, helping you with size, color or style. Once we have the list and description of your missing items, we will calculate the fair replacement values for the lost items.

Step 3: Relax

We submit an estimate to your insurance company.  Or if you prefer, give you the written estimate to submit on your own.

Step 4: We Take Care of the Rest

Once the insurance company accepts the quote, we will start working with you to replace the lost items. We find that most claims can be replaced within three to five weeks.

When Insurance Companies Become a Hassle

The situation becomes a bit confusing when insurance companies accept the lowest estimate offered. In some cases, this is an area that may require some discussion with your adjuster or insurance provider. You need to look carefully at the replacements offered. Are you getting a diamond with the same laboratory grading, is the gold the same content or is the item the same weight? In situations where a brand is involved, getting “like kind” is not the same as your brand. If you like the brand you had, you should not be persuaded to receive any less than that brand, or at least be fully compensated for accepting a different item.

Troy Shoppe Jewellers carries many exclusive brands to Calgary. We have contacted insurance companies in the past on behalf of customers to fight for them so they can get the brand they had.

Our warrantee of two-year protection against manufacturing defects extends to your new item. As with all of our jewellery, we provide lifetime cleaning and polishing in store while you wait.

In order to give you our undivided attention with your insurance replacement needs, we recommend that you call for an appointment. To complete your claims as quickly as possible, please have the following information available when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Insurance Company Name
  • Adjuster’s Name
  • Claim number or policy number
  • Any previous appraisals
  • Old receipts
  • Pictures of the items
  • List of items

Questions? Please email us at and include your name and claim number (if you have one started) in the subject line for a faster response.

You can also call us at 403-293-1100

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