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Just a week ago, I was having coffee with an artist. She paints in oil and her work is very good. At least I liked her style of art. While we were talking she asked me about my creative process. To my surprise she asked if after 38 years I make the same designs over and over. “No, I don’t,” I said. Sure, there are some designs, with little variations, that are repeated. However, for the most part, I try to come up with unique jewellery designs all the time.

Unique jewellery designs often are unique for a number of reasons: the gemstone involved is very rare, the client may want specific elements in their jewellery piece or the overall concept hasn’t been seen before. Something like a large rectangular cushion cut tanzanite won’t allow you make a small thin ring to hold it. It will need a protective structure that can be wearable without leaving the gemstone susceptible to scratching. Other gemstones may have a very subtle color requiring the side gemstones to be next to white gold or white diamonds to allow the contrast to stand out. Perhaps the client wants a personal element such as a Celtic motif or maybe a floral theme incorporated. These add to the uniqueness of the jewellery.

Unique jewellery designs do not have to follow any overall theme. Will it be straight and angular, or flowing and wavy? That is where the client’s taste comes into play. I will follow the client’s taste, ask questions, show samples and pick the elements that they like before I come up with design options. I have always been very fortunate to visualize an idea in my mind from the remarks of a client discussion.

What happens to unique jewellery designs that I make for the store when there is no client in mind? That is when I can be free to follow the wind. Lately, I have been using some very long sweeping lines with curves and layers. I haven’t tried that kind of look in a long time. The point is that none of them are copies or even remotely similar to designs I have done before. Thes e are totally unique jewellery designs.

My feeling is that if an artist can paint a unique canvass over and over, then I can come up with unique jewellery designs Calgary as well. Thirty-eight years later, I can find inspirations and new concepts every day. Sometimes it might be some architecture or just an idea that hits me. Even doodling on paper can help come up with new ideas. Other times it may be the clients emotional input when they talk about using their Mother or Father’s ring into their new jewellery piece.

As I have evolved (or as my staff point out so eloquently, aged), my designs have taken new directions. Taking new trends into account and adding my personal touch, can move ideas into new areas. As an example, recently, rose gold has resurfaced as a favorite color of gold. This was the case in the late 1980’s and then it seemed to fade away. Now it is back bigger than ever and getting to add in elements with this rich color of gold opens up a whol e new chapter in unique jewellery designs.

So, my dear artist friend, I can still make new, unique jewellery designs even after 38 years! And I enjoy the creative process. I am not sure where it comes from within me but when I take something from paper to hand or neck is a very rewarding feeling!

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