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Men’s Department

Finding nice custom men’s custom rings, or other men’s jewellery in Calgary is not an easy task.  There is so little custom made men’s jewellery in Calgary.  We find it funny that some men will put hours, over a period of months, looking for the “just right” engagement ring and then feel like they have to settle when it comes to a wedding band or custom made ring for themselves. Not so in our store.  And even if it isn’t a custom wedding band, but maybe a custom made ring with your company’s logo, or a design with a theme of a favorite movie, or just to mark a special event in a man’s life, we will work to create that custom men’s jewellery item.  This page shows many items we have made in Calgary, specifically for men.  They are not in our store. On these pages, you can see a ring made to match a unique watch, or a ring with a gemstone a client found and had us polish, or old gold handed down in the family for years, used to make a graduation pair of cufflinks, and even a ring that resembles a championship rodeo buckle won in a competition. The possibilities are whatever you want and we are here in Calgary, to work with you, to complete your custom ring or concept.

The designs shown on this page are unique custom designs created for specific clients. They are not in stock items.