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Figuring out the perfect ring size can be surprisingly tricky. There are many tips and tricks that can help with ring sizing. Many factors determine what the right size is and how to size your ring. The width and style of the ring play a huge role in how the ring fits on your finger. One of the most common questions that we get asked at Troy Shoppe Jewellers is why a ring might fit well one day, and not the next. There are many reasons for this. Here are the answers to a few of the biggest culprits behind an ill-fitting ring:

Why Does My Engagement Ring Spin?

The style of the engagement ring plays a large role in determining what size will fit best. Most engagement rings are top-heavy as the center gemstone is the heaviest part of the ring. The band tends to taper as it goes beneath your finger. Gravity will always try to pull the heaviest part of the ring (the top) down toward the ground. This is what causes engagement rings to spin. We try to find the smallest ring size that is comfortable for you to wear to reduce the amount that the ring spins. If your knuckle is larger than the rest of your finger, we may suggest getting ring sizing beads. Sizing beads are soldered on to the bottom of the interior of the ring. They will act as a counterbalance to the top part of your ring and will keep it from spinning.

The Width of the Ring

Wide rings tend to fit a lot more tightly than thin rings. This is because wide rings occupy more room on your finger. When you visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers in Calgary, AB, our jewellery experts will size your finger with special sizing tools depending on the width of your ring. It is very important to size your finger with the right sizers or you will not get the best fit. Some ring styles are flat on the inside. These can fit quite snuggly. Comfort fit rings are rounded on the inside, allowing the ring to slide more easily onto your finger. You will need to be sized with comfort fit sizers to figure out the proper size. Our jewellery experts will examine your ring and will size you with the sizing tool that is appropriate for your ring.

My Ring Won’t Fit Over My Knuckle

Many people have knuckles that are wider than the other parts of their fingers. This can cause issues when trying to find the proper ring size as you must have a ring that is large enough to fit over your knuckle, but small enough so that it won’t spin constantly and drive you crazy. One great way to reduce this issue is to add sizing beads to your ring. Sizing beads will occupy the negative space between the ring and your finger. This will allow your ring to fit over your knuckle but will prevent it from spinning once it is on the narrow part of your finger. These beads can be made in white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum. We will match them to the metal of your ring.

My Knuckles are Swollen From Arthritis

Arthritis can greatly affect our hands. You may find that your knuckles have become swollen from arthritis and that you can no longer wear your rings. Because arthritis can flare up and change very suddenly, we don’t always suggest sizing your rings. Instead, we may suggest installing a CLIQ shank onto your ring. The shank of your ring is the middle to the bottom portion. This shank is a special hinge and latch design that allows your ring to open and close around your finger. This means that you’ll never have to worry about trying to get your ring over your arthritic knuckle again! We will use special CLIQ sizers to measure your finger and will ensure that your ring fits comfortably. CLIQ shanks are available in white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum.

The Weather and the Time of Day

It might sound silly, but the weather can have a huge affect on the size of your fingers. When it is 30 c in July our fingers are swollen and are much larger than at other points in the year. Conversely, our fingers are at their smallest when we’re having a cold snap in February and it’s -30 c. You may find that your ring feels either too tight or too loose depending on the temperature. This is especially true here in Calgary where we might experience all four seasons in one day.

Have you ever noticed that your rings feel tight when you first wake up in the morning? Our fingers tend to be a bit swollen in the morning. This diminishes over the course of the day. Rings will feel much looser in the evening when our fingers are at their smallest point.

We Make Ring Sizing as Easy as Possible

Visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers in Calgary, AB to let us examine your ring and to help you to find the ring size that’s best for you. With over 40 years of experience, our jewellery experts can determine the best way to size your ring and to ensure that it fits comfortably. We have a workshop on-site and an expert jeweller who will size your ring as quickly as possible. Please allow approximately 7 to 14 days to have your ring sized. We will give you an estimate on the cost to size your ring before we begin work. We repair a wide variety of jewellery. Call today to learn more about the ring sizing Calgary trusts!

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