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Troy Shoppe Jewellers is not a licensed insurance agent. Troy Shoppe Jewellers receive a very small ($100 annually) monetary incentive for recommending Jewelers Mutual.

There are many options to insure your beloved jewellery. It’s important to consider all the options available and the pros and cons for each. If you insure an item on a typical homeowner’s policy, you might get a preferred rate for bundling, but this comes with some drawbacks. There may be limits to the types of claim you can make, for example damage, or unexplained loss. Additionally, if the loss involves more than jewellery, such as home damage, the deductible may be applied to the entire claim which affects your buying power.  In the event of a claim, the claim may affect your future premiums as well. Additionally, if you choose a standalone option, you don’t have to worry about these.

Our recommended insurer for all your jewellery needs is Jewelers Mutual. Having worked with many insurance companies over the years, we recommend them for a reason—they’re great! They are easy to work with and make the lives of our customers much easier in the unfortunate event that they need to make a claim. You will have more peace of mind. We also use them to insure our store!


Jewelers Mutual

Why Jewelers Mutual?

Jewelers Mutual insures against loss, theft, damage, disappearance, flood, earthquake, worldwide travel. They have zero-dollar deductible options. Your homeowner’s insurance premium won’t go up with a claim. They make it easy to replace the piece. Most insurance companies pressure you to choose their preferred stores or the lowest quote. Often, lower quotes are not the same quality item as what was lost. Jewelers Mutual does what’s necessary to get you the same item or equal quality.


If you have any questions about insuring with Jewelers Mutual, please email or call them at 888.884.2424.

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