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Since our first days in business that started in 1980, we have made unique and personalized jewellery that makes people take notice. Custom jewellery is where you can express your creativity and uniqueness and we can help.

Custom designs are one of the cornerstones of our business. Work with us to build a creative piece of jewellery: a ring, bracelet, pendant or any other item you desire. We work in all precious metals and gemstones. Working with your ideas, even jewellery ideas that are difficult to express, can be brought to life and be on your hand or around your neck in just a few short weeks.

David’s Designs

As you look through our custom designs, many of you will look at diamond engagement rings. This can be a fun time or very stressful. For many couples, this is a serious investment and symbol of love. We think we have a lot to offer in the engagement ring category and we try to reduce the stress levels many of you experience in other stores. We carry the best diamonds in the world with Hearts On Fire® diamonds. However, we carry all kinds of other shapes and excellent cut grades as well. We take these incredible diamonds and surround them with some of the most unique and creatively designed and manufactured engagement rings to give you something you can be proud to present to your significant other or for yourself. As you look through the website, the first thing that distinguishes our store is our selection. Whether it is rose gold, white gold, platinum, vintage designs, halo designs or anything in between we can make it if it isn’t already in our store. The staff is always staying current with new trends and styles and we move quickly to keep these in our store.

Another area to look into is our wedding rings and bands. Currently, we have over two hundred ladies wedding rings in stock.

This is an area where we have excelled for decades. We can make a unique look from a concept or idea or take an existing engagement ring that needs a wedding band and make it. For clients with rings from other stores, we are still willing to help. Because the other store does not have a nice wedding ring to match their engagement ring or they can’t make something you want, that is something our store will do. We can make a matching band for any design whether the engagement ring came from us or somewhere else. A matching wedding band will often finish off the set and enhance the overall look. This is where our expertise is a huge asset for those clients looking to complete their engagement ring set.

And let’s not forget the guys when it comes to wedding bands. Again with almost 250 wedding bands in stock, our selection is excellent. And if a person did not like any of those, we have the ability to combine and alter these wedding bands to give you literally thousands of options. Width, color, gemstones or diamonds, different metals are all possible variations that you can have. Again, looking at our website will give an idea of what we can do.

Custom jewellery Calgary

Custom jewellery Calgary

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