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Studio Tzela

David the owner and resident jewellery designer of Troy Shoppe Jewellers has created a custom line named after his late Mother, Celia. David is a perfectionist always preferring quality over quantity. All of his designs are crafted and finished in-store by skilled and experienced goldsmiths.
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14 karat yellow gold Brooch.
Set with an Ancient Bronze Coin.
Origin: Judea under Roman Rule
Period: Roman Procurator - Antonius Felix - struck under reign of Claudius AD54. This was the procurator under whom St. Paul was brought to trial.
18K yellow gold pendant; 
Ancient Silver Coin
Origin: Roman
Denomination: Denarius
Period: AD98-117   Trajan
Reverse: Mars
14K white and yellow pendant set with:
- 4*=0.062cttw SI; G/H
- 0.76ct pear shaped blue sapphire
14 KWY pendant by Studio Tzela set with:
- Greek coin (Euboea) circa 3rd-2nd century BC; featuring head of nymph Histiaia and on reverse nymph seated on prow.
14 KY pendant with barked finish by Studio Tzela set with:
- Denarius (denomination of coin) from the Roman Republic   
     - Circa 75 BC
     - Rutilius Flaccus
14K White gold stud earrings; medium ball shaped
14KW Mens Band
Size 10
7.5 mm
Mens 14K gold band size 10 6.5mm
14KW mens gold band; 8m
14KY Studio Tzela men s band with natural placer nuggets
14K white gold men s diamond band. Two diamonds total 0.051 carats; SI1-2; H.
Gold Mens Band
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