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As the father of a son that played junior hockey until he was 21 and travelled in buses like the one used for the Humboldt Broncos, I feel compelled to do something to help. That could have easily been my son in that horrific crash. Every report and bit of news just tears at a person’s heart. I can’t help but think just a few seconds different and everything could have been ok.

So for the month of April, anyone can come in to Troy Shoppe to have their jewellery items professionally inspected, cleaned and polished while you wait and make a voluntary donation, normally a $15 per item charge. I also put our rhodium plating services on for a special price of $50 per item. You can drop off any white gold jewellery item and it will be returned to you looking like new in just a couple days!

All of the proceeds, every penny will be sent to the team. Thanks for your support of this courageous team and the families associated with the Humboldt Broncos.

~ David Blitt