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Brentwood Preschool

Brentwood Preschool

At CEFA, we are always aware and cognizant that children come to our Brentwood preschool program with different abilities and struggles. If you are a parent of a child with sensory processing disorder, we want you to know how important it is to us that we are able to recognize the unique needs and traits of all the children enrolled here.

It can often be difficult as a parent and as a preschool teacher to know what the unique challenges that you are facing as a parent and family unit. When a child is enrolled at our school who shows signs of having Sensory Processing Disorder, we take this issue very seriously and will help you and your child grow and develop while they are in our care. Here are some of the unique things you may experience with your child that we will also take care to be aware of.

Accommodations for Activities

As a parent, it’s important to choose a Brentwood preschool that understands not all kids are the same. If your child has SPD, then you likely already know that the feel of things and the texture of certain materials can really bother them.

One thing that’s great about CEFA schools is that we can provide accommodations for your young child to make sure they’re still able to participate in activities with the class despite their SPD. This sometimes means wearing gloves during sensory activities or using a spoon to handle things rather than hands.

Practicing Balance

In our experience, many children with SPD struggle maintaining good balance. When your child attends a CEFA Brentwood preschool, they will have many opportunities to run, jump, and play with other kids. If your child is unable to keep up with the other kids or can’t engage in quite the same way, we understand.

For those students with this unique struggle, we are committed to providing an education that fits them best. This often means finding alternative activities that the whole class can do and providing them with the time and patient teachers to help them practice and grow these essential skills.

Winding Down After Overstimulation

Children with SPD often feel overwhelmed by all the activities that go on, sometimes all at once, at Brentwood preschool. We understand and have ways to help your child cope with the extra stimuli. We can provide some extra space for your child to relax and calm down.

It’s important if your child has SPD to let their daycare and preschool teachers know what will help them best when they become overstimulated. For some people with SPD, a special blanket from home or a big hug will help them wind down, for example.

When you choose CEFA as your Brentwood preschool of choice, know that your child will be given one of a kind treatment catered especially to their unique needs and interests. This means that if your child has a spectrum disorder such as Sensory Processing Disorder, we will know how to address the unique issues of your child’s personality and craft a learning program to help them thrive here.

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