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I’m sure all of us have, at one time or another, had that moment of panic when your ring won’t come off. Be it a sparkly little number you tried on in the store, or your every day wedding band, an injury, pregnancy or perhaps few too many salty snacks the night before can cause things to get a little snug. There are a few slippery tricks to “unstick” a stuck ring such as: petroleum jelly, conditioner, shortening, soap or coconut oil. We also recommend icy cold water and elevating your hand to reduce the swelling of your finger. Drinking a lot of water and time can help to reduce the puffiness from your previous evenings festivities!!

Photo by Troy Shoppe

Unfortunately there are problems that even coconut oil can’t solve….If you find that your ring is more than just a little stuck and you need some serious help to remove it before injury occurs or if you are experiencing extreme discomfort you can turn to the fire department, paramedics, or the emergency room (or a dremel/saw in your garage!! We strongly recommend that you skip this option if you like your finger and your ring!). If you are faced with a last resort medical intervention, then getting the ring off is most important but if it’s not that dire please take a moment to stop into Troy Shoppe Jewellers! We can cut off your rings, it is safe, very quick, and most importantly you will leave with your finger intact and the ring in much better condition than the emergency personnel, who are just concerned with it’s removal, will hand it back to you. The ring is held in place with a bar of metal that sits between the skin and the ring, next, a blade is used to manually cut the ring. “Blade” makes it sound dangerous but the process is gentle and simple, much like removing a cast, and won’t take a chunk out of your ring like the fire department might.

Photo provided by The Bump

Once your ring is off, we will wait until your finger has returned to normal and size your ring to fit you properly and fix any issues that may have occurred when the ring was cut off.

Your ring will be good as new in no time, sparkled up and ready to go…comfortably on your hand once again!



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