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We love jewellery – especially when it sparkles! Have you ever noticed that your jewellery starts to look a bit dull and less sparkly after only a few days of wear? Everyday products like soap, shampoo, and moisturizer coat jewellery and make it look less shiny than it was originally. At Troy Shoppe Jewellers in Calgary, we love helping our clients and making their jewellery look like new again. However, we understand that life gets busy and you may not have the time to stop by and get your jewellery cleaned. These are our top three tips to clean your jewellery at home!

Clean Your Gold Jewellery

  1. Get gold cleaning solution. It’s very important to get a jewellery cleaner that has been made for the specific metal that you are cleaning. The composition of different jewellery cleaning solutions varies depending on the metal that you are cleaning. Do not use a silver cleaning solution to clean gold jewellery and vice versa.
  2. Are there any gemstones in the gold jewellery that you would like to clean? Not all gemstones can be exposed to jewellery cleaning solution. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires can usually go in the cleaning solution. However, certain gemstones such as pearls, opals, ammolite, and emeralds may be damaged if exposed to jewellery cleaning solution. If you’re not certain what gemstone is in your jewellery, you are welcome to bring it to Troy Shoppe Jewellers and we can determine the best method to clean your jewellery.
  3. Place your gold jewellery in the jewellery solution container and let it soak for up to one minute. Then you remove the jewellery and rinse it with water. Be careful not to hold your jewellery over an open drain!
  4. Dry your jewellery by gently wiping it with a towel or microfiber cloth.

Clean Your Silver Jewellery

  1. Get a silver jewellery cleaning kit. As noted in the section above, it is very important to purchase a jewellery cleaning solution that has been made specifically for silver jewellery.
  2. Place the silver jewellery in the solution and no longer than a minute, some items just need a few seconds. You may also use a brush dipped in silver cleaning solution to scrub hard to reach areas. Then remove the item and rinse it with water.
  3. Dry your silver jewellery by gently rubbing it with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  4. You can also purchase a silver cleaning cloth. These work very well for cleaning jewellery that contains gemstones that should not be exposed to silver cleaning solution. as it allows you to clean around the gemstones. They are very useful in cleaning items that may be too large to fit in silver cleaning solution or are difficult to clean with a brush.
  5. we sell these solutions / cleaning kit. And that if they are out, in the meantime they can use warm water and dish soap for quick maintenance.

When in Doubt, Ask an Expert

It can be tricky to determine the best way to clean your jewellery. The jewellery experts at Troy Shoppe Jewellers can examine your item and determine the best way to get your jewellery looking like new. We will clean any jewellery that has been purchased at Troy Shoppe Jewellers for free! This includes an inspection to ensure that your jewellery is in tip-top shape. You can also purchase jewellery cleaning solutions and kits at Troy Shoppe Jewellers. Additionally, our jewellery experts will help you to choose the best one for your jewellery. The cost of jewellery cleaning solutions starts at $12 plus GST. Visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers in Calgary, AB to learn more about cleaning your jewellery at home.

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