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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Buying Guide 2020: No She Doesn’t Want A Heart Pendant.

This one is aimed at the guys, on behalf of girls everywhere. As we all shop from home and browse online this holiday season, men everywhere are being tempted by the heart shaped pendant. Every girl has one… or 3, and it reminds them of the ex that gave it to them. Well don’t let that be your story to end this 2020. Now is the time to move from giving gifts like a boy to giving gifts like a man. If you have already bought her a heart shaped pendant, don’t sweat it too much, we’re sure she’ll love it because it’s from you…and let’s face it, it’s sort of a right of passage as a couple that perhaps you can pass onto a future daughter and that is valuable right there. If, however, you are looking for other ideas, please let us give you a few!

Go classic. Timeless pieces are always in style, and are easy to match with outfits. A classic piece is one she can keep her whole life. What more could you ask for in a gift? Gold hoop earrings, stud earrings, simple and elegant looking pendants. All of these are great options that are versatile enough that she can wear them easily and often. To help pick one that’s suited to her, it’s best to poke through any jewelry she already has. Does her jewelry box feature only white gold and silver pieces? Stick to this colour metal. Chances are, she knows what metal colour she likes with her skin tone. Although it seems like a good idea to mix it up by adding something she doesn’t have, we recommend keeping to the same metal and mixing it up with the type of jewelry. Does she have lots of earrings? Then you might want to consider a pendant. When in doubt, ask her best friend! Never underestimate the value of best friend advice. Seriously, don’t be that guy who can’t ask for directions.

14KW "0.75ct look" 0.26cttw bouquet slider pendant with chain

Go trendy. Everyone likes to feel up with the times. Perhaps your girlfriend has some fashion magazines lying around somewhere? Perhaps she even has her favorite pages flagged? Perhaps there’s a big obvious jewelry ad in the middle that she circled on the off chance you looked inside? Okay, that might be too easy. Luckily, we know what’s trendy here at Troy Shoppe and can happily show you some of the items that are hot right now. Another great idea is to go look on her Pinterest account. Having access to all the different things she pinned provides a great picture of her tastes.18K rose gold Harley Wrap Power Band by Hayley Paige for Hearts on Fire featuring ideal cut Hearts on Fire diamonds and pink sapphires. This ring is also available in all diamonds and as an engagement ring. This unique ring is available in 18K white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum. Each ring by Hayley Paige for Hearts on Fire features a pink sapphire (in Hayley's favourite shade of pink) on the inside of the band.Morning run/enchanted double sided 1.5" round Evocateur pendant on 17" chain.

Heart shaped pendants are a fine gift, but there is a whole world of jewelry gifts that go beyond this and elevate your gift giving!