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Going to Hang Around

I am betting that most of us have heard about as much covid news as we can handle.  My favorite is being told over and over, “the world is changing”.  It has been for a long time: after 911, after previous outbreaks and online social media, everyone can see changes are happening.  I can accept the changes that are reasonable.  I just wish I could get through all the misinformation and “fake” stuff to make some informed decisions. 

When I look at the huge number of articles online about what are facts, or cover-ups, it’s almost impossible to really know what is going on.  I feel like I am on a small boat floating with the current and not having the proverbial paddle. 

What I do know is that some things I used to do aren’t much fun now.  One being grocery shopping.  In fact, I saw many news articles on this in the last few days, but I came to that conclusion a few weeks ago.  Standing in line to get into a store, then, being asked to follow lane markers, maintain a distance of 6 feet and standing in long lines to pay, just isn’t a lot of fun. And that is not a knock on the store’s employees. I have noticed how many employees at the grocery stores smile when I say, “thanks” or “appreciate the effort”.  And I have noticed that when I am kind to them, guess what?  They are kind to me.  And hopefully, this will be one of the world changing ‘things’.

I hear how many people have been using online ordering and that will change the face of grocery shopping, in the future, to be less interactive physically. Grocery stores will morph into “fulfillment’ centers that take online orders and deliver them.  That may save time but seems sad.  I like the social aspect of seeing the things I buy, bumping into friends, or talking to people with questions about the product I need.  And with all the misinformation and fraud on internet sites, how can you make an informed decision? 

Will stores like mine disappear?  I don’t think so.  I offer all kinds of great services and unique products.  I offer the ability to see what you are buying.  Imagine trying to describe a blue-green Montana sapphire through the internet, seeing a picture of it online and then ordering it, only to find out it has no brilliance and isn’t the color your monitor showed. Or ordering a ring in size 5 and receiving it in size 8 and then finding out it cannot be sized down by any local stores. These are things I see in my store regularly.  I have a hands on store that can offer an experience seeing beautiful gemstones and jewellery designs with staff that care and like to interact with my clients.  Regardless of the changes going on around me, I am going to do my best to be around for a while.