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Overly handled un-unique brass models: A blog by a Millennial for Millennials

My name is Nicole and I am fairly new at Troy Shoppe Jewellers.  I have had jewellery training before coming to the store but one of my biggest assets is that I am a millennial.

I wanted to comment on one of our competitors that has brass models only.  A brass model is like a physical blue print of a piece of jewelry. Nothing wrong with seeing a ring that can be tried  on just like the thousands of other people that have tried it on. The model will never look exactly the way the ring will turn out. Walking into a store full of models that everyone else has ordered from isn’t appealing when, as a millennial, I want something different that no one else has and something unique to me.

Being raised in a world of wifi at my fingertips, virtual realities and turning my face into a cute puppy for pictures and videos; I believe I can create anything I could ever think of. The use of the pictures I can find online helps to create the base of my ideas.

A band like

with a center like , but without the baguettes cut diamonds on the sides.

And a bridge like.

Have I lost you yet, or can you picture the end product? Being able to find the perfect ring is essential as it’s something that I will have forever. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions in anyone’s life and the ring signifies that decision.

Walking into a store full of already made jewelry in unique designs lets me see what the designer is creating and gives me a better idea of what I can do different. Seeing the different options gives me a better idea of what elements work and what don’t. It also allows me to fall in love with a new piece and be able to take it home with me that day, rather than waiting a couple months for it to be shipped in. Having something created for me in store gives comfort to the particular millennial in me.  Nothing I do in life follows a cookie cutter approach, so my jewellery certainly won’t look like an old brass model that has been around since my Granny.

I like that Troy Shoppe Jewellers offers a large variety of our unique designs as well as the designs of some trusted suppliers. The in-store owner and designer, David, will take a vision and mirror it with a beautifully designed piece from those pictures. The store also has options that could be near matches or possibly the dream ring. The staff will treat you with an experience that you won’t find anywhere else, and I like that the store usually has wagon-wheels, the childhood treat of any kid.

For a millennial point of view, come and see me in the store. I’ve worked in the jewelry industry for the past 4 years and Troy Shoppe Jewellers for the past 3 months. It would be a pleasure to help you find your perfect piece.