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Wedding Rings Long Island

Wedding Rings Long Island

Hollywood makes us believe that most women know what kind of ring they want. Some prefer the traditional one, while others like to get creative with a one-of-a-kind piece. Contemporary designs are stylish and make many people crave our custom wedding rings in Long Island. We have eye-catching varieties and excellent watch repair near West Babylon NY that will make the pieces feel as though they are truly yours.

Best wedding rings for sale

Diamond insert band

The ring has a standard style with simple diamond studs all around the band. We strive to create a modern yet straightforward ring that will match most clients' quality and preference. These rings have two bands designed into one ring to take away from the one band's simplicity.

Gender-based rings

Men and women have different kinds of rings. The man’s wedding band will be thick and heavy while the woman’s ring will be more glittery and sleek. The unique design of each ring depends on the style preference of the customer. However, you can expect the following baseline qualities for each of the gender’s rings from the best online jewelry store:

  • The man’s rings may have various metal options, such as sterling silver, titanium, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Platinum is popular because it has the highest durability, while white gold is the better option for its relative affordability. Yellow gold wears out faster than most other metals and is particularly good for the less pricey rings.
  • The woman’s ring will typically have a pure metal with sharp settings.


  • Solitaire ring – They have a single diamond in a setting such as prongs
  • Side stones – These rings have a center diamond with smaller diamonds around
  • Pave ring – They have small diamonds with a band of tiny metal prongs like metal droplets.


  • Prong – These hold the diamond with metal projections that latch on top of the stone
  • Bezel – They surround the stone with a band of metal and have a partial or full coverage
  • Invisible – These prongs hold the diamond in a metal framework that sits below the stone. It is best if you do not want the setting to be visible from the ring's top.
  • Channel – They hold the diamond in a channel that fit the ring’s band
  • Tension – These hold the stone between two ends and do not have pressure because they are different than bezels, prongs, and most other mounting devices

Shape and cut

Our Babylon NY jewelry repair designers are excellent at creating custom shapes and cuts to align with different diamond styles. We can make the wedding rings to match an exact figure and alignment to the stone’s facet, such as in the following ways:

  • Round – The classic shape maximizes the brilliance of the stone and typically surpasses all other forms in regards to reverence
  • Oval – The shape has cut variations such as marquise, heart, or pear.
  • Rectangular – The classic cut also goes by the name trillion cuts. It has a perfect rectangular cut with straight or rounded corners.

We recommend you talk to our jewelry repair company near Long Island NY on 631- 321- 0800 to make arrangements for ordering your custom ring. We will consider all aspects of your desired ring to match your style and budget to the letter.  



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Wedding Rings Long Island Wedding Rings Long Island
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