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Giant Touchscreen Monitor

Giant Touchscreen Monitor

Most people would replace PCs with tablet devices because they offer the needed functions without the burden of a more massive machine. Businesses moved away from projector screens and are embracing faster and smarter display options. A giant touchscreen monitor is a boon for real estate professionals, sales experts, and other figures that need to present data to customers and partners.

Pros of the giant iTab

Communal experience

A large touch-screen monitor for sale is excellent for sharing photos and one on one presentations. Our products make this benefit a focus because the screen is large enough for viewing by a large family or business meeting attendants. The experience is an advantage when you want to incite excitement or a joint discussion from one collective experience.

Reduce setup time

Trying to put together multiple devices such as a laptop, projector, and display surface requires extra effort, skills, and time.  Large interactive touch screen displays offer the same display benefit, with evidently less work. Our tablets double as regular functioning tablets and display screens for both a social or business function.

Easy comprehension

Can you imagine using a small-sized screen in comparison to 55-inch large-format touchscreen monitors for reading? Small tablets are the best choice for personal reading and entertainment, while large ones are important for large groups of students taking notes or reading snippets of coursework.


A large screen can display an architectural model with precision. You simply have to transfer the material from your PC for a decent presentation. Our highly pixelated screens are excellent for detailing minute numbers, calculations, or angles without compromising on quality.

Cons of a giant tablet screen

Continued innovation

Laptops were once the best technological inventions because of their portability and lightweight in comparison to desktop computers. Tablets are the new soup du jour because they have magnified laptop benefits. Spending money on today’s piece of technology is not a long-term investment because it will soon become a transitionary technology.

The silver lining of a giant touchscreen monitor is that the biggest tablet companies are yet to release a plethora of similar products. This setup means you will be able to milk the benefits for a longer duration because most businesses do not realize the advantages of a big tablet display screen.

Similar functions

A big tablet is not very important when you do not want to make frequent presentations. It performs the same processes as a small tablet, such as web browsing, video viewing, and other functions. It is, therefore, essential to purchase a large tablet when you are a business entity or have good use of its features and size.


You can easily stick your phone in your pocket or bag and hide its presence while running errands in the outdoors. You cannot do the same with a giant touchscreen monitor and will require special transportation services to enhance protection portability.

What is the best touch screen monitor? Giant iTab has a 27, 42, and a 55" touch screen LED smart display. We take away the stress of transporting the device to your location, installing the right software, and setting up a smooth presentation. View our page for specifications and contact us about the setting up of the device.


Giant Touchscreen Monitor
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