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14 karat yellow gold Brooch.
Set with an Ancient Bronze Coin.
Origin: Judea under Roman Rule
Period: Roman Procurator - Antonius Felix - struck under reign of Claudius AD54. This was the procurator under whom St. Paul was brought to trial.
14 karat white reticulated gold bracelet by Studio Tzela
18K yellow gold pendant; 
Ancient Silver Coin
Origin: Roman
Denomination: Denarius
Period: AD98-117   Trajan
Reverse: Mars
14 KWY pendant by Studio Tzela set with:
- Greek coin (Euboea) circa 3rd-2nd century BC; featuring head of nymph Histiaia and on reverse nymph seated on prow.
14 KY pendant with barked finish by Studio Tzela set with:
- Denarius (denomination of coin) from the Roman Republic   
     - Circa 75 BC
     - Rutilius Flaccus
14K White gold stud earrings; medium ball shaped
14K Yellow Gold stud earrings - Chai symbol
14KW Mens Band
Size 10
7.5 mm
Mens 14K gold band size 10 6.5mm
14K white gold men s diamond band. Two diamonds total 0.051 carats; SI1-2; H.
Gold Mens Band
14K White Gold
Men s signet ring
Solid top with engraved sides.
Made by Troy Shoppe Jewellers
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