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Cobalt Chrome ring by Lashbrook
with 14K Mokume
Satin Polish finish
size 9
Mens band titanium and blue anodized stripes satin finish; 8mm size 12
Black Zirconium ring Z8(B)(S) Satin black polish size 9.5; 8mm wide
Cobalt chrome 8mm mens flat band with 5mm meteorite on edge.
Zirconium 8mm beveled mens band with cross satin black-polish.
Damscus steel 8mm mens flat band with 1mm sterling silver set at an angle.
Cobalt chrome 8mm domed mens band with laser carved trees pattern.
Mens Alternative Metal ring - 9mm flat band with Cobalt hammered edge and 5mm Meteorite inlay; size 10.75
Zirconium Damascus band by Lashbrook
Acid polish finish
size 9.75
Zirconium ring by Lashbrook
with braid
polish finish
9mm size 10
Zirconium Damascus with
14K rose inlay
7mm size 11
Satin acid finish
Lashbrook design
Zirconium ring by lashbrook
8.5mm size 9.5
acid bead polish finish
18K yellow; 14K white
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