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Repairs & Refurbishment

Repairs are an area we take great pride in offering to the public. From gold or silver to platinum, we can work on a variety of jewellery items:

  • broken chains
  • sizing of rings, up or down
  • Arthritic shanks using the Cliq system
  • setting gemstones and diamonds
  • pearl restringing
  • restore antiques
  • fusing rings together
  • cutting tight rings off of fingers (painlessly)
  • retipping worn prongs
  • replace missing gemstones or diamonds
  • straightening a bent prong or claw
  • replacing worn out shanks


We can repair nearly all items.  We have two goldsmiths on premises with decades of experience and something we are proud to offer is the ability to show you, using a digital microscope, what needs to be repaired so that you can have confidence that the repairs suggested are in fact required. Also as part of our take-in procedure, the client is given a copy of the repair form that includes a picture of the item left for repair.

We also offer repairs using a laser for some items that may be heat sensitive. This is one of the few items that we do not repair on premises and generally takes a full week turn around but stay tuned as we are looking into purchasing the technology soon.