This is an example of what not to do.

This customer told us that she just picked up her ring after being repaired for the third or fourth time and she had only had the ring back for days. She came in looking for a matching band as the store that sold the ring could not offer a match. When we looked at the ring and showed her the flaws she was in shock.

If you don't know what to look for this is a great example. The bridge on the underside of the ring is cracked and that jeopardizes the center diamonds security. The holes for each diamond that allow us to clean the diamond are plugged and off center so that they reach the edge of the ring and reduces the strength of the ring. If you look closely the third hole from the top on the right is already cracked. Lastly, the side view of the ring shows how uneven the claws are. On the right side the claws are filed down and offer no security for the diamonds. Everyone can make a mistake but our feeling is that it should be corrected and made right. This client decided to simply have her rings remade by us.