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Going to Hang Around

I am betting that most of us have heard about as much covid news as we can handle.  My favorite is being told over and over, “the world is changing”.  It has been for a long time: after 911, after previous outbreaks and online social media, everyone can see changes are happening.  I can accept...

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Diamond Online

No professional diamond buyer would ever buy a diamond without seeing it first. Even if it had a GIA or AGS certificate. There are so many factors that make a diamond beautiful. There are also many factors that make a diamond unattractive. A certificate alone is not enough to judge the beauty of a diamond....

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Man Made vs Naturally Mined Diamonds

Just a few days ago I was talking to a customer in the store about my early days in business. He told me that I should tell more people about the story I was discussing with him. The story started when my customer asked me about some radio ads that a competitor of mine was...

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Golden Globes Recap – Hearts On Fire & Sylvie

For those of you who enjoy watching stars and celebrities walk the red carpet, mainly to ooh and ahh at the beautiful dresses and jewels, this one’s for you! This past weekend Hollywood’s finest gathered in Beverly Hills to celebrate each other’s achievements of 2016. In addition to some news making barbs directed at certain...

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