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We bought my wedding band from Troy Shoppe in mid April and changed it to rose gold, looks amazing and so happy with the quality.

- Ashley P.
I would just like to say that they have one of the best customer service I've come across in the last few years.. My fiancé and I went in last night to take a look at some rings.. I've had a horrible experience with another jeweller here in Calgary and I felt so much better and we left feeling that we could trust them..! They took the time to explain everything in detail and made it so much more personal.. We will definitely be purchasing my replacement ring there..! Thank you so much..!

- Vikki R.
My partner Courtney and I got our wedding rings made at Troy Shoppe Jewellers and the service was amazing! The staff are very knowledgeable and helped us design the perfect rings! We picked up our rings months before our wedding and they called us the week before our wedding to wish us well (so thoughtful) and reminded us to bring in our rings for a polish!

We are getting married this Saturday and can't wait to wear our rings. Thank you for the excellent customer service and knowledge. We will definitely be back to Troy Shoppe for more jewellery!

- Hadley M
Excellent experienced jewellery designer! Prices were very competitive and the owners were very honest about settings that should and should not be used for softer stones. Other jewellers were prepared to do whatever we asked for, even though the stones likely would have broken with wear.
David and the rest of the team are amazing. They were able to custom design an engagement ring within a very short time that exceeded expectations. They are always friendly and always helpful! Thank you guys!
Denise has made the experience of buying an engagement ring extremely easy and stress free. They have incredible service here, and you can tell they really are passionate about what they do. The pricing is very reasonable, and the quality is second to none. If you are shopping for any jewelery you must go to Troy Shoppe!
Thank you so much Shannon, you and Melissa have been awesome to work with. Troy Shoppe has been great to work with in general. I had started with Spence, and quickly realized that they were not the ones to deal with. Really pushy, and over all, pardon my language, #^$*@& experience that put me off buying a ring for at least 4 months. They still have a deposit I put on a ring. I didn't buy or even had anything done too said ring literally came back on that weekend with 48hrs and said no to the ring. They called it a restocking fee and kept 750 dollars as a credit. Again pardon my language who the *$%# wants to buy $#%& from these people!!! (Sorry I get upset thinking about it) Just a horrible experice. What they don't know is I have a ton of ties with media as that's my job and I will make know to others to stay away from Spence. (RANT) You guys have restored my faith in humanity ahahah!!

– A happy customer
I just wanted to share with you a beautiful picture that we had done of our rings as we didn't have a picture with the new updates. My 2nd wedding band and my husband's wedding band diamond additions. Needless to say we love them and are very proud of them and find them to be just beautiful. Thanks again for such great work!
The same day the ring arrived, I met Dee at a lakeside patio where we shared a beer and then we went and did some chores. While we were doing the chores I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive over to the east side of the lake just for a drive. She said yes. It was a beautiful late summer afternoon. There is a beach that we ended up walking on to a sort of a secluded part where we stopped and sat on a log and just enjoyed the view. A few moments later I pulled out the beautiful blue box from my pocket, got down onto one knee and asked her for her hand in marriage. It was textbook. Great moment. She and I just love the ring. It was really the right choice and we will be forever greatful for you and your staff's help in the selection process. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to talking again soon.

- DF
David, Wow! Mike was so right to refer you to make my new wedding rings. It's never easy to lose a treasured gem, but this replacement certainly makes the loss lighter! Your emerald is magnificent and the setting you designed is truly stunning. I appreciate all that you've done and will continue to refer you to everyone!

Thank You!!
Thank you so much for the diamond pendant you so generously donated to Our Lady of Grace Church Valentine's Day Dinner/Silent Auction. We used the pendant as a first prize in our raffle, needless to say it did very well.

Your support is very much appreciated, and it helped to make our evening a great success.

Hopefully you get some response from the coupons.

Thanks, Lisa
Dear David,
Thank you so much for your help in choosing and providing me with such a beautiful garnet for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday.

she was thrilled with her pendant and I really appreciate your help in making that happen.

Sincerely, Karen
Thank you so much for your patience, assistance & excellent advice with our wedding rings & the earrings! Brant loves his ring - it is perfect. My rings are spectacular. The weatches are great, AND, my earrings were a huge surprise and exactly what I wanted. Thanks David. We wish you the very best & thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special.

Debbie & Brant
Dear David, Thank you so much for the beautiful brooch. Of any piece of jewellery I've ever owned, it is by far the most previous to me now. Yes, the coin itself I find most intriguing. I think it could have passed through the hands of Jesus himself, it leaves me awestruck. (Not that Jesus means too much to yourself, ha-ha!)

At any rate, you did a remarkable job on the brooch. Thank You so much & I hope we can cross paths again sometime.

With kindest Regards, Cathy
Thanks for making our engagement ring so exceptional. We appareciate the attention to detail in finishing it so perfectly.

Debi and David