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Top six wedding band trends for summer 2016!

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Times have changed! The days of matching your wedding band to your engagement ring are long gone. Check out these popular trends of wedding band styles below.





Twist style bands have become increasingly popular over the past couple years. They offer a unique and feminine look without overpowering the beauty of many engagement ring styles. The design of many twist bands allows it sit next to engagement rings with side details where other flat bands might look crooked or leave a gap.


Rose gold offers a unique flavour to jewellery that may have otherwise been considered plain. Many women choose rose gold to pair with white gold engagement rings to add something a little different to their wedding set.


Thin diamond bands are all the rage as of late and for a good reason! Their small size adds femininity with just a hint of sparkle. Perfect for the minimalistic girl. Just be cautious! Going too thin can threaten the integrity of your band.


With the popularity of coloured gemstone engagement rings increasing, it’s no wonder that wedding bands with coloured gemstones are making an impact. The different colours provided by the gemstones add a pop to any wedding set and can be paired with either diamond or coloured gemstone engagement rings! Often a favorite color or birthstone can make for a very personal statement. (Just keep in mind that some softer gemstones can require extra care)


Yellow gold is making its way back in popularity in the jewellery world! Petite styles and diamonds add a modern flair to what may have previously been thought of as a “dated” colour of gold. Adding different finishes to yellow gold like hammered or satin finishes can add an interesting touch to your wedding set.


Stackable weddings bands are crazy popular these days. You can mix and match different styles, colours of gold, coloured gemstones and textures. You can bet that nobody else will have the same set as you. But the best part of this is the ease of layering these bands without overpowering your finger. Ladies, just think how easy you are making it for your gift challenged partner when they can buy another thin band to layer!